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  1. Open Help->Check for Updates,
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  2. Change the interval to one of Every Start-Up, DailyWeeklyMonthly, or Never, or click the Check Now button to see if there is a new versions version available right now.


If you are interested in getting information about Beta versions to help us fine-tune upcoming versions, check the corresponding checkbox.
By default, Beta versions are not considered when checking for updates (unless you are already running a Beta version).

If a newer version is available, a dialog is displayed from where you can install the new version, read release notes, or in case your license is not valid for the new version, open our purchase page in your web browser.

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Upgrading the currently used version is done by clicking the Upgrade link in the above dialog and then follow following the instructions.

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In some organizations, decisions about about software versions and installation is handled as a centralized process and individual users are not allowed to upgrade or install software. The Check for Update feature and auto-update of new versions can be disabled by adding the following row in the DBVIS-HOME/resources/dbvis-custom.prefs:


With this setting, the Check for Update will still appears in the Help menu but selecting it displays a message saying that the feature is disabled.