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Defines how the result set should be presented when displayed. The mode can be changed by the user using the toolbar or right-click menu.

chart, grid or text

Specifies if the toolbar should be visible.

true (default) or false

Specifies if the status bar in the grid or text mode should be visible.

true (default) or false

chartTitleThe chart title displayed in big text at the top
chartTypeThe type of chart
  • result-set-chartviewer-line-chart-command (default)
  • result-set-chartviewer-point-chart-command
  • result-set-chartviewer-area-chart-command
  • result-set-chartviewer-stacked-area-chart-command
  • result-set-chartviewer-bar-chart-command
  • result-set-chartviewer-stacked-bar-chart-command
  • result-set-chartviewer-pie-chart-command
chartFontThe font for all text in the chart

Syntax: <FontFamily>-<Style>-<Size>

Example: Lucida Grande-plain-13

Default: same

chartTopBackgroundThe top background color. This is used as start color for a gradient background

Example: #ffffff

Default is based on the current look anf feeltheme.

chartBottomBackgroundThe bottom background color. This is the end color for a gradient background

Example: #ccffcc

Default is based on the current look anf feeltheme.


legendVisibleCheck this to show legend box with labels for all series in the charttrue (default) or false
legendLocationThe position of the legend boxNorth, West, South or East (default)
X Axis

xaxisTitleThe X axis title displayed below the X axis
xaxisTitleVisibleCheck this to display the X axis titletrue (default) or false
xaxisRotationThe rotation of the X axis labelsHorizontal45 (default) or Vertical
xaxisLabelOverlapCheck this to allow X axis labels to overlap each othertrue or false (default)
xaxisMajorGridLinesCheck this to display X axis major grid linestrue or false (default)
xaxisHandleTimeAsTextCheck to handle datetrue (default) or false 
Y Axis

yaxisTitleThe Y axis title displayed to the left of the Y axis
yaxisTitleVisibleCheck this to display Y axis titletrue (default) or false
yaxisMajorGridLinesCheck this to display of Y axis major grid linestrue (default) or false
yaxisMinorGridLinesCheck this to display of Y axis minor grid linestrue or false (default)
yaxisAutoStartValueCheck to adjust the Y-axis start value based on the datatrue (default) or false
yaxisStartValueThe start value for the Y-axis0.0 
yaxisAutoEndValueCheck to adjust the Y-axis end value based on the datatrue (default) or false
yaxisEndValueThe end value for the Y-axis0.0
yaxisNumberFormatThe number format for value labels


Format documentation.


chartColorSchemeChoose color scheme for the chart series

These are the available color schemes. Make sure the name is specified as presented below. 

  • Qualitative Set1 (9)
  • Qualitative Set3 (10)
  • Diverging Spectral (10)
  • HTML Color Names (140)
  • New Tau (10)
  • Tau (20) (default)
  • Tau Color Blind (10)
  • Divirgent Color Scale (13)
chartShadowCheck this to display a shadow border for seriestrue (default) or false
Line & Area Chart

chartLineTypeRender straight or smooth lines for line chartsStraight (default) or Smooth
chartLineWidthThe line width in pixels2
chartShowPointsCheck this to display points for each valuetrue (default) or false
chartShowPointLabelsCheck this to display point labelstrue or false (default)
Bar Chart

chartBarTypeRender bars as raised or flatFlat (default), RaisedCylinder or 3D
chartBarGapThe gap in pixels between bars2
chartBarGroupGapThe gap in pixels between groups of bars4
Pie Chart

chartPieTypeRender pie as raisedFlat (default), Raised or 3D
chartPieLabelTypeUse this setting to specify how slice labels will be displayedLine Labels (default), Simple Labels or No Labels