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Usage: dbviscmd (-connection <name> | -url
<URL> |                   -url <URL> -drivername <name> | 
                 -url <URL> -driverclass <name> -driverpath <p1:p2...> )
                [-userid <userid>] [-password <password>]
                [-masterpw <password>] 
                (-sql <statements> | 
                 -sqlfile <filename> [-encoding <encoding>] )
                [-catalog <catalog>] [-schema <schema>]
                [-maxrows <max>] [-maxchars <max>]
                [-stoponerror] [-stoponsqlwarning] [-stoponnorows]
                [-stripcomments (true | false)]
                [-emptypromptvalue <string>]
                [-output (all | none | log | result)] [-outputfile <filename>]
                [-debug [-debugfile <filename>]]
                [-errordir <directory>]
                [-prefsdir <directory>]
                [-help] [-version]

 -connection <name>          Database connection name (created with the GUI)
 -url <URL>                  Database URL
 -drivername <name>          Database driver name (created with the GUI)
 -driverclass <name>         Full name of the JDBC Driver class name
 -driverpath <p1:p2...>      Paths to the jar files constituting the JDBC driver.
                             Each path separated by a ":" on Linux/macOS and ";" on Windows.
 -userid <userid>            Userid to connect as. 
 -password <password>        Password for userid. 
 -masterpw <password>        Master Password for encrypted database passwords
 -sql <statements>           One or more delimited SQL statements
 -sqlfile <filename>         SQL script file to execute
 -encoding <encoding>        Encoding for the SQL script file
 -catalog <catalog>          Catalog to use for unqualified identifiers
 -schema <schema>            Schema to use for unqualified identifiers
 -maxrows <max>              Maximum number of rows to display for a result set
 -maxchars <max>             Maximum number of characters to display for a column
 -stoponerror                Stop execution when getting an error
 -stoponsqlwarning           Stop execution when getting an SQL warning
 -stoponnorows               Stop execution when empty result set or no affected rows
 -stripcomments <true/false> Strip comments before sending to database.
                             Default is the setting made in the GUI
 -output <out>               "all" (default), output both log msgs and result sets
                             "none", suppress both log messages and result sets
                             "log", output only log messages
                             "result", output only result sets
 -outputfile <filename>      Script execution output file. Default is stdout
 -processvariables           Process variables
 -emptypromptvalue <string>  String to use when entering an empty value when
                             prompted for variable(s)
 -listconnections            Lists all database connections

 -debug                      Write debug messages
 -debugfile <filename>       File for debug messages. Default is stderr
 -errordir <directory>       Use an alternate location for error logs
 -prefsdir <directory>       Use an alternate user preferences directory
 -help                       Display this help
 -version                    Show version info