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  1. Select the schema node in the Databases tab tree,
  2. Launch the Export Schema assistant from the right-click menu,
  3. Select an Output FormatOutput Destination, Objects to export and Options,
  4. Click Export.

Output Format

You can export objects in one of these formats: CSVHTMLSQLXMLXLS (Excel), or JSON.


You can control whether to use delimited identifiers and/or qualified names in the DDL and INSERT statements generated for the SQL format.

Output Destination

The destination can be one of:

  • a file,
  • an open or new SQL Commander tab, with options for where in an open SQL Commander to insert the result,
  • to the system clipboard.

Object Types

In the Object Types area you select what to export. You can check the checkbox for an object type to export all objects of that type, or expand a type node and select individual objects.


The options depend on the selected Output Format. 


In the Data Format Settings dialog you can also specify how to quote text data and how to handle quotes within the text value.

Using Variables in Fields

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Use the ${dbvis-object}$ variable as part of the filename if you want to export the DDL and/or data to a separate file for each object. The variable is replaced with the object type and object name, e.g. ${dbvis_object}$.sql becomes table_COUNTRIES.sql for a table named COUNTRIES.

Saving And Loading Settings

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