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To view details about a database table:

  1. Expand nodes in the Databases tab tree under the connection node until you find the table,
  2. Double-click on the table node to open its Object View tab.

The Object View has a number of sub tabs. Exactly which sub tabs are available depends on the database type, but these are common:

InfoBrief information about the table.
ColumnsInformation about all table columns, e.g. data types and sizes.
DataThen table data. Here you can view and edit the data.
Row CountThe number of rows in the table.
Primary KeysInformation about the table's primary key columns, if any.
IndexesInformation about the table's indexes, if any.
GrantsInformation about granted privileges for the table.
DDLShows the CREATE statement for the table.
ReferencesShows declared primary/foreign key relationships to other tables. Please read more in Viewing Table Relationships.
NavigatorNavigate through the declared relationships. Please read more in Navigating Table Relationships.
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