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The tab labels are set based on a pattern that you can change in Tools->Tool Properties, in the Appearance/Tabs category.

You can select one of the predefined patterns or create your own by editing the pattern. The variables available for these patterns are:

VariableAvailable ForDescription
${connectionname} AllConnection name
${filename}SQL Commander TabsScript filename, or "Untitled" if no file is loaded
${index}AllA unique index
${longfilename}SQL Commander TabsAbsolute path for the script, or "Untitled" if no file is loaded
${objectname}Object View TabsObject name
${objecttype}Object View Tabs

Object type, e.g. Table, View etc.

${catalog}Object View TabsThe database (if any) for the currently open object
${schema}Object View TabsThe schema (if any) for the currently open object
${rows} Result Set TabsNumber of rows in the result set
${sql}Result Set TabsPart of the SQL statement that produced the result set
${table}Result Set TabsName of the table (first if more than one) the result set comes from
${time}Result Set TabsTime when the result set was produced
${userid}AllUserid used for the connection
${vendor}Result Set TabsDatabase vendor name

You can also manually change the label for Object View, SQL Commander and Result Set tabs, using the Rename menu choice in the tab right-click menu.

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