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If you're running an older version of DbVisualizer, you find the corresponding Users Guides in HTML (online) and PDF (download) formats here:

DbVisualizer 23.2HTML
DbVisualizer 23.1HTML
DbVisualizer 14.0HTML
DbVisualizer 13.0HTML
DbVisualizer 12.0HTML
DbVisualizer 11.0HTML
DbVisualizer 10.0HTML
DbVisualizer 9.5HTML
DbVisualizer 9.2HTML
DbVisualizer 9.1HTML
DbVisualizer 9.0HTML
DbVisualizer 8.0HTML
DbVisualizer 7.1HTML
DbVisualizer 7.0HTML
DbVisualizer 6.5HTML
DbVisualizer 6.0HTML
DbVisualizer 5.1HTML
DbVisualizer 4.3HTML
DbVisualizer 4.2HTML
DbVisualizer 4.0HTML
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