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The Create Index dialog helps you create an index for a table without writing SQL.

To create an index for a table:

  1. Locate the table in the Databases tab tree,
  2. Select the table node and open the Create Index dialog from the right-click menu,
  3. Enter the required info in the fields, e.g. index name. The fields are database dependent so for some databases there are additional fields compared to the figure,
  4. Click the Add button in the Columns area to add an index column,
  5. Select the column to index from the Column Name drop down list,
  6. Select the sort order for the index column from the Sort Order radio buttons,
  7. Click the Execute button to create the index.

To remove an index column:

  1. Select the column row,
  2. Click the Remove button.

To move an index column

  1. Select the column row,
  2. Click the Up and Down button to move it.
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