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An alternative to locating Bookmarks or Monitors from the Scripts tab and History entries from the History window is to use the Quick Load feature, by default bound to the Ctrl+Alt+O key combination. It is also available via a main toolbar button as well as in the File->Quick File Open menu.

The Quick Load feature locates files with partly matching names from the categories you have selected, as you type. You can use an asterisk ("*") as a wildcard in the search string. 

When you see the file you're looking for, just select it and press Enter to load it into an SQL Commander editor. If the file is already loaded in an editor, that tab is made visible instead.

The number of matches is shown on the search panel as seen on the figure above. It the number of matches is big and you want to change the size, you can press Escape and change the number in the Max entries field that is shown. Go then to the Enter search text field and press arrow down. The result list shown will be limited to your set number for each category.

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