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DbVisualizer lets you handle authentication in a manner that suits your balance between security and convenience.

Authentication settings in Connection Properties

Userid and password information is generally information that should be handled with great care. By default, DbVisualizer saves both the Database Userid and Database Password (encrypted) for each database connection. The default for SSH is to save the SSH Userid but not the SSH Password (or Key Pass-phrase). You can change this behavior to fit your preferences.

You specify how to handle the Database Userid and Password in the Authentication category of the Properties tab.

The Require Userid and Require Password properties can be enabled to tell DbVisualizer to automatically prompt for userid and/or password when a connection is to be established if they are not specified for the connection. The following dialog is displayed if requiring both userid and password.

SSH Settings in Tool Properties 

The same options are available for the SSH Userid and Password in the Database Connection/SSH Settings category in the General tab of the Tool Properties window.

Since a password may need to be handled with great care, you can also specify for how long it should be saved, if at all. If Clear at Disconnect is selected, DbVisualizer ensures that the Password field is cleared as soon as the connection is terminated. With Save During Session, it is cleared when you shut down DbVisualizer. To keep the password between sessions, select Save Between Sessions. If you use Save Between Sessions, we recommend that you also set a Master Password.

SSH Config File

The configuration value is blank by default thus meaning that Config file parsing is not enabled by default. The default location of the SSH configuration file is in the users .ssh directory (<User home>/.ssh/config). 

Note: Even though we do support the parsing of SSH config files all keywords are not supported. E.g. keywords such as ProxyCommand is not supported. For a list of supported keywords please see the documentation of OpenSSHConfig. More details on Configuration Options

The SSH Configuration file support included DbVisualizer has some known issues listed below:

  • Host key word need to start with a capital H
    In the example below the line Host in "Host myhost" need to start with capital H. Having the line specified as "host myhost"
    will give unpredictable results.
Host myhost
    user admin
    port 2222
  • Compression support
    SSH Compression is NOT included in DbVisualizer.
    Please send us an improvement request, if you need Compression to be included in DbVisualizer by default, and we will consider this for future releases.