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Comment: DBVIS-6255 - variable description


You can use DbVisualizer variables to access the value of a Java system property . Just use a name of the format java.<property>, prefixing the property name with java. (java.<property>). Please note that some java properties include "java" in the property name!

@echo ${java.user.home}$
@echo ${}$

To access the value of an operating system environment variable, use a name of the format env.<envVariable>, e.g.prefix the variable name with env. (env.<variable>).

@echo ${env.USER}$


@echo ${env.TMP}$
This may be used in many cases, for instance when importing or exporting files. The export example below shows how to specify the DbVisualizer Bookmarks folder without explicitly giving the hardcoded folder path.  
@export set filename="${java.dbvis.prefsdir}$/Bookmarks/myscript.sql" Format="SQL" AppendFile="false";

A list of Java properties can be found in the Java Properties tab accessible from the Help→About... menu

Using "now" in values for Time, Date, and Timestamp